Jack and Marley claim gold in South African competition

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Jack Moodie and Marley Byrne from Burnley have returned home laden with medals after competing in the United Nations Ju Jitsu competition In South Africa.

The competition took place over two days at Kempton Park Sports Arena near Johannesburg earlier this month, and was organised by the South African Ju Jitsu Association.

Seven nations and over 200 athletes took part in the event, making competition extremely tough for the boys.

Jack and Marley had trained very hard for the competition and won gold in the pairs event, making them world champions!

Marley took gold in two other events, ground fighting and sparring, and Jack took the bronze in both these events.

Marley from Blessed Trinity, and Jack, from Saint Wilfrid’s Academy in Blackburn, would like to pass their thanks onto their respective schools for their sponsorship which assisted with the trip.

The South African team stated that Jack and Marley were a credit to both their country and their clubs for the way in which they conducted themselves, and they were affectionately nicknamed “The Red and Black Ninjas” due to the colour of their competition gi.

Jack and Marley’s coaches are delighted with their performance and are very proud to have been part of the success of the boys, who said that they couldn’t have hoped to achieve the success without their help.

After four days of travelling and two full days of competitions, both boys are glad to be home, but they are now looking forward to the National Championships, which will be held in Walsall in April next year.