Ighten Mount hosts mixed pairs

The draw will be made on the day
The draw will be made on the day

Ighten Mount will host the Mixed Pairs competition on Sunday, October 19th.

The draw will be made on the day by couples drawing their own number.

With this in mind, can players be present 15 minutes before the start time so that play can commence on time.

Refreshments will be available throughout the day.

10 a.m. session - please arrive by 9-45 a.m.: J. and N. Whitaker, P. and C. Watson, K. and I. Charnock, G. and I. Salter, B. Fisher and K. Medlen, R. and M. Hancock, P. and J. Hobson, R. and S. Salmon, A. Heys and partner, S. and J. Beaumont, J. and R. Southworth, D. Walker and K. Gillespie, P. Gillespie and B. Pontin, P. McGuirk and partner, G. and A. Isherwood, D. Tregay and partner.

Noon session - please arrive by 11-45 a.m.: P. Milner and N. Bailey, C. Crompton and B. Horman, J. Lacy and L. Harrison, B. and T. Wilson, A. and B. Walsh, B. and M. Cumberbach, G. Evans and P. Newcombe, P. and P. Case, P. Welman and S. Moorehouse, M. and J. Harrison, E. Parkinson and M. Tootle, D. and P. Ashworth, A. and S. Pickup, J. Griffiths and P. Avril, B. and M. Riley, L. and C. Bleakley.

l October 21st sees the Burnley and Pendle CIU Bowling League, Burnley and District Bowling League and Burnley Midweek Bowling League meeting, starting at 6-45 p.m. at St Andrew’s Bowling Club.