Hat-trick of wins for Burnley Tornados as Scots make trip south

Burnley blow away opposition with fine displays
Burnley blow away opposition with fine displays

It was England against Scotland on Saturday as Burnley Tornados played host to East Kilbride Pirates, Hamilton Buccaneers and Sheffield Predators at the Prairie.

The first game for the Tornados was against the newly formed Hamilton Buccaneers, winning 61-6, with touchdowns for Flynn Griffith, Gino Bradshaw and Sam Zak.

But on on pitch number two, Sheffield lost 14-2 to East Kilbride.

In the second set of games, Burnley were up against East Kilbride Pirates, whilst Sheffield would take on the Buccaneers.

Griffith, captain James Macken and Zak scored to make it 20-7 at the half, before rookie Jack Ainsworth and Zak ran in second half touchdowns for a 52-27 win.

Sheffield were able to shut out the Buccaneers 46-0.

The last games of the day were the Pirates against local rivals Buccaneers, and Tornados versus the Predators.

The Buccaneers put in a solid performance, but ended with a 38-13 loss.

After an early Burnley sack, the remaining points in the half were scored by Callum Doherty, Bradshaw and Griffith for a 24-6 lead.

The second half was much more evenly matched with both teams scoring three touchdowns each, with scores for Ainsworth, Zak and Macken.

MVPs were Macken, Doherty and Ben Dyer.