Harry spinning his way to ice success

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Harry Ashworth is jumping and spinning his way to success at Blackburn ice rink.

The Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College student has already reached a high level of success in ice skating and admits he has has a bedroom full of trophies and medals from competing.

“There are three sessions in ice-skating training - elements, which is jumps and spins, field, which is moves and turns, and free, which is the programme we follow,” said Year Eight student Harry, who is 13.

“The highest level you can get to is 10 and I am level six at field, four at elements and level four in programme so I do compete at a reasonably high standard.

“I have competed all over and I have a lot of trophies and medals.

“I recently came second in my group when I represented Blackburn in the Northern Free League and I am hoping to have more success.”

Harry skates under the expert tuition of Kathryn and Keith Hudson at Blackburn Blades.

“I have been going there for eight years, my mum used to skate so she introduced me to it.

“I love the jumping and spinning.

“It is a sport which is out of the ordinary but I think that’s why I enjoy it as I do play football for school as well.

“I don’t know where it will take me - there are always shows like Disney On Ice which I would love to take part in.”