Golf for girls on agenda!

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Rachel Brown-Finnis is hoping to help attract girls to golf, having grown to love the game through husband, and golf professional, Ian Finnis.

Rachel will be at Towneley Golf Club on Thursday, June 27th, from 1 p.m. for a special launch of lessons for girls at the municipal course, in conjunction with Unity College.

And she explained: “I’ve been lured into golf by Ian, and ended up enjoying myself!

“But when I was back at my mum and dad’s in town recently, I was asked by a neighbour if I’d be something of an ambassador for girls’ golf at Towneley, and I was happy to help. It ties in brilliantly, it’s where I grew up, and it’s good to encourage girls to have a go at a sport they may not have thought of playing.

“The club have put a bid in for lottery funding for lessons for girls, for schools, brownies and other community groups.

“It’s a great sport, and, being a PE teacher, it’s good to see girls taking up different activities to try and find what sport suits them.

“It’s a good social sport, and you don’t have to be super-fit to play so hopefully we can encourage more girls.”