Four out of four titles for proud fighters!

FULL HOUSE: Kieran Gamble, Rob Lupton, Chris Pricket and Adam Windle
FULL HOUSE: Kieran Gamble, Rob Lupton, Chris Pricket and Adam Windle

Burnley Muay Thai held their fourth, and by far largest, show last Sunday at the Masonic Hall in Burnley.

There were clubs from all over the country competing for nine titles, and there were a total of 14 bouts.

The Burnley club had five fighters competing on the day, four fighting for various title belts.

First up was Brody Foley, who is only seven-years-old. The St Stephen’s pupil has only been training a matter of months, but he is such a natural fighter that coach Paul Murphy, decided he was ready to compete. His opponent Luke Thomas fights out of the respected Spartan camp, and the fight was a great opener for an immensely entertaining show.

Both boys showed great commitment and used excellent roundhouse kicks effectively. Brody delivered some great kicks and knees, but his opponent was very elusive, and the bout was eventually decided on points, with the Spartan declared the winner, although Brody showed he has a great future.

Next up was Kieran Gamble, a year 9 pupil at Blessed Trinity. Kieran fought Adam Haslam from Phoenix to contest the UKMTO North West Area title and came out quickly, hitting his opponent with excellent front kicks and leg kicks, scoring very heavily.

In rounds two and three, the young Burnley fighter began to dominate in the clinch and hit his opponent with some very well-timed knees. Rounds four and five saw Kieran really take control, and his excellent physical conditioning paid off as he proved too strong. All three judges awarding the contest and the title belt to Kieran.

Rob Lupton was the next Burnley fighter, and the 20-year-old took only 40 seconds to put his opponent on the canvas with a straight right to the chin.

In the second round, Rob once again felled his opponent, with a tremendous knee to the body, and his opponent, Hayden Chandler, who fights out of Lost Boyz, showed how tough he was by getting up. The third was still all about Rob, and he had the crowd on their feet with a jumping roundhouse kick to Hayden’s head, which immediately opened up a cut under his left eye. Rob continued to dominate and was crowned the new UKMTO North West Area champion.

Burnley’s undefeated, two-time champion, 11-year-old Ightenhill pupil Adam Windle was next up against Luke Foster from Phoenix for the UKMTO English crown. Both boys showed desire and hunger and proved what courageous warriors they are.

Solid punches, knees and kicks were delivered with precision, speed and power, but Adam always looked the stronger , his relentless work rate and excellent clinch and knees seeing him crowned English champion.

Finally, unbeaten Chris ‘The Clinchmaster’ Pricket had a very difficult opponent in Steve Allen, who fights out of the world-renowned K Star stable in Birmingham. The English light heavyweight crown was at stake, and Steve threw some great punch and kick combinations in the first, but the Burnley fighter hit him with some excellent kicks of his own before taking him into the clinch and smashing his mid section with some devastating knees. Rounds two and three saw Chris continue to use the knees to great effect, and twice took his opponent down with some very skillful off-balancing. Round four was a massive round for Chris, and his razor sharp knees again troubled the Birmingham fighter. The final round saw Steve make a final attempt to finish Chris as he knew he was behind on points, but Chris completed the rout as the Burnley club took four out of four title belts.

Trainer Murphy said: “What an event’! Once again our lads proved they can mix it with the best. We have now taken nine titles in the last 18 months, with a win ratio of 81 out of 86 fights’. Burnley truly are a force to be reckoned with and I am so proud of each and every one of them.

Burnley’s two time super lightheavyweight champion Danny Derbyshire will be fighting for his third title in Liverpool next week. Anyone wishing to support the Burnley fighter can do so by giving Paul Murphy a call on 07810 453960.