Fighting fireman wins three World titles!

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Stuart Gervaise has proved you are never too old, having become a three-time World champion at the age of 51.

The Burnley Black Knights ace, competing for Team Scotland, fought in four divisions, winning three World titles, and almost claimed another, taking silver.

In the Under 75kg Over 42 Years Continuous and Points, he won two gold medals, and in the Over 48 years Continuous and Points, he won gold and a silver.

Trainer Allan Clarkin said: “He has trained very hard for the event and had some aches and pains in the process, but it was well worth it.

“Black Knights have achieved some big things over the years and this is up there at the top.

“The World Martial Arts Organisation rules were old school, going back to how kickboxing was many years ago, the school of hard knocks, and the fighting fireman was on fire!

“He was so close to winning a fourth World title as well, leading in the points final with a two-point advantage, with seconds to go.”