English Thai boxing champion Rob in dominant form

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ENGLISH Thai boxing champion Rob Lupton continued his rapid ascendancy with a domineering victory over Zack Strongman.

The Burnley Thai Boxing Club fighter won every round at the Cresta Court Hotel in Altringham, completely outclassing his opponent with some very powerful roundhouse kicks to the body, head and arms.

Lupton’s foe, who hails from Darlington, proved to be very tough with the amount of punishment he took but the relentless onslaught eventually proved too much and he was convincingly out pointed.

Trainer Paul Murphy said: “Rob took immediate control of the fight from the first bell. He hit Zack with loads of left roundhouse kicks to the body and arms and scored very highly with some really cool jump roundhouse kicks to the head.

“At times it was like watching something out of a movie as the kicks looked almost choreographed as they were so spectacular. Rob is just so talented it’s untrue and he seems to be able to do just about anything.

“He is a real crowd pleaser due to him being so flamboyant but the bottom line is he knows how to fight too. He’s not all about showmanship as Zack found out in the second round when he was floored with a right cross which landed right on his chin.”

Rob sustained a broken foot as he probably connected with his opponents elbow or knee so he will be out for a couple of months. He is looking to get back into the ring though in September or October and Murphy is looking towards a possible British title fight for Rob towards the end of the year.