Derby day win for Burnley

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BURNLEY eased to victory against Blackburn Bulls in their latest match in the LBA Under 16s CVL.

Despite losing two games at the weekend, Burnley had trained well and were ready for the game.

Coach Minozzi decided to alternate Jordan Green and Alex Hall during the match to give more space to the younger members of the team, and welcome, for the first time in a competitive match, new player Thabo Ntini.

Burnley started the first quarter strongly, with a very high tempo in offence and aggressive defence.

Bulls started to defend man to man while Burnley decided to play man to man against the ball, with the rest of the team playing zone, a different tactic to save players’ energy.

Burnley took advantage straight from the off of a quite subdued Bulls, and they were ahead 13 points at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter saw Alex Hall on court, while Jordan Green was on the bench.

Despite the change, Burnley was still in command of the game, and Tom Fairnbairn dictated the pace of the game with authority and poise.

At the end of the second quarter, Burnley were well ahead by 24 points, 31-15.

In the third quarter Blackburn Bulls got back into the game, scoring from range and inside thanks to Adden Hussain and Corey Knowles.

Knowles was making his presence count under the basket, grabbing lots of rebounds while Burnley were looking a little tired.

But a time out from the Burnley bench to get them a little rest, and a change of a couple of players saw them back into the game.

Ntini and Aidan Buffey’s great efforts in defence and offence gave a lift to the locals, but Blackburn Bulls did not give up and the third quarter finished with Burnley still ahead 51-23.

The fourth quarter saw once again Bulls trying their best, scoring well and defending even better.

Burnley were looking tired now and deservely Bulls won the fourth quarter 16-12, with a final score of Burnley 63, Blackburn Bulls 39.

If anyone fancies playing basketball in Burnley, any age and ability, please come to St Peter Centre on Saturdays from 2-4 p.m. and have a chat with one of the coaches.