Confident teenager Arbaaz has high hopes of boxing glory

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Teenager Arbaaz Ikram is hoping to box in the big time as he has stepped up his schedule.

Arbaaz (15) has been boxing competitively for more than a year at Roche Boxing Club in Burnley.

He has had three fights so far and won them all, and also recently took part in the Greater Manchester 10k, which he completed in under 51 minutes.

“My gruelling regime will one day help me to become a world champion,” said a confident Arbaaz.

Arbaaz, who boxes at 57kg, praised coach Brian Roche and also his training companion Aqib Mushtaq, another boxer who has set his sights on titles.

“Brian has been crucial,” said Arbaaz.

“He has guided me from the start, and thanks to him I’ve got the confidence and determination to put the work in.

“Every day he in the gym telling me what I need to do as a fighter and as a person – he is more than just a trainer.

“My mum and dad both support my decision to box and my dad comes to every one of my fights.

“It motivates me seeing him there.”

Arbaaz spends Monday to Thursday at Roche ABC and then runs at the end of the week.

“Aqib originally persuaded me to go to the gym.

“He is a classy fighter and one to watch out for.

“My ambitions are to win a national Amateur Boxing Association title and I want to bring big time boxing to Burnley and become a world champion.

“If I listen to my coach and work hard, hopefully it will all plan out how I wish.”

Arbaaz is on the look out for sponsors and can be contacted on