Chris Norbury is special guest at snooker league presentation at Ighten Leigh

A Division champions Burnley Golf Club A
A Division champions Burnley Golf Club A

Accrington snooker professional Chris Norbury was on hand to play various winners at the Pendle Kitchens Burnley and District Snooker League presentation on Friday at Ighten Leigh.

A great night was had by all, with around 100 snooker enthusiasts in attendance, and Norbury put on an excellent show.

A raffle was also held on the evening.

Prize winners were: A Division champions - Burnley Golf Club A; Runners-up - Burnley Snooker Club A; B Division champions - Burnley Golf Club B; Runners-up - Burnley Snooker Club E; Fred Musgrove Team Knockout winners - Dickie Pinks A; Runners-up - Ighten Leigh A; Singles Knockout winner - Paul Averill (Paradise A); Runner-up - G. Farrington (Ighten Mount); Doubles Knockout winners - J.Bayliff and R.Brodie (Burnley Snooker Club E); Runners-up - D.Caddy and S.Caddy (Rosegrove).

A Division merit winners - M.Ridgeway (Burnley Golf Club A); B. Hindle (Burnley Snooker Club A).

B Division merit winner - J.Wray (Burnley Golf Club B).

A Division highest break - J.Lanceley (Alexandra, 94); B Division highest break - P.Stanhope (Brierfield, 53).

Meanwhile, the Golden Cue continues, with second round games currently being played, to be finished by June 18th. See the draw on the information page on page 66.