Burnley Tornados storm comp

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BURNLEY Tornados travelled to Chorley for their second tournament of the season against Chorley Buccaneers, Sheffield Tomahawks and Coventry Jets.

The first game for Burnley was against Chorley Buccaneers and after winning the toss Burnley decided to go defence first.

It was a superb start by the Tornados as nose tackle, Deniel Buckel, forced an error on the Buccaneers and scored a two point safety. The lead was short lived for the Tornados as they were unable to complete passes and dropped balls leaving the Buccs 13-2 up at half-time.

The Tornados responded in style, with two touchdowns by Matty Brammer and Lewis Allen. Close to the end of the game Lewis Freeman caused a fumble from the Buccs but the Tornados could not capitalize on this and the Buccs scored another touchdown. The final score was 19-14 to the Buccs.

Next up was Sheffield Tomahawks. Not much was known about Sheffield and so Burnley were cautious to start and again went on the defence first. Dom Newman was able to strip the ball for a turnover and had a knockdown in the first half, while Ben Freeman had two fumble recoveries leaving the offence with more opportunities for scoring. This they did and at half-time were 30-0 in the lead.

A superb performance was given by Mark Halton who rushed for 64 yards and three touchdowns while Josh Procter stepped up as nose tackle for some game time. The Tornados went on to score their most ever points in a single game and finished with a shutout and 58 points.

The team continued with the same passion and determination against Coventry Jets, which proved to be a close game, Burnley winning by a touchdown. Phil Robins ensured the ball safely reached the hands of Cameron Stewart, who had picked up his game as the day progressed, and fired some strong balls into the hands of Joe O’Brien and Kris Moore, both scoring touchdowns.

Ben Freeman worked hard as nose tackle in for Deniel, who hurt his back, and turned a fumble recovery into a touchdown. His brother Lewis also played extremely well in this last game creating five tackles to stop the progress of the Jets. Rookies Ben McCallion, Josh Bonnick and Anthony Tither also got a taste of American football at this tournament and are now looking forward to the home tournament, in the coming days.