Burnley Tornados claim Rosebowl

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BURNLEY Tornados continued their startling progress with victory in the first-ever Lancashire Rosebowl.

The Lancashire Academy of American Football hosted the first Rosebowl trophy for all four youth teams associated with the academy - Burnley, Chorley Buccaneers, Preston Pythons and Standish Raiders.

Unfortunately both Chorley and Preston were unable to field a team, so the competition was decided by a game between Burnley and Standish.

Burnley had been victorious in all five meetings this season and were looking for another to win the cup.

Burnley won the toss and were on offense. Neither team was able to score in their first drives, however, the ball was given to Andy Hawkes, who fought his way through the Standish defense and ran the length of the field to score Burnley’s first points.

The conversion however was knocked down by Standish and the score was 6-0.

Standish then caught the Burnley defense sleeping and ran in their own touchdown to level the score.

Jake Peppiate then threw the ball to Phil Robins for Burnley’s second touchdown, and the defense were able to keep Standish in their own half to regain the ball for the Tornados to try to score again.

This time after Hawkes had managed to run the ball downfield, Peppiate found Xavier Sutcliffe in the end zone and the conversion from Lewis Clark took the score to 20-6.

Burnley again stopped the Standish team, and after running plays by Paddy Berkins and Hawkes, Peppiate’s shuffle pass to Phil Robins saw him take the ball into the endzone for what would be the final score of the half.

In the second half, the Burnley defense stood strong with Lewis Freeman at nose tackle preventing the Standish team from advancing the ball more than 10 yards in their four downs.

The Burnley offense were then on the field, but with the ground getting very wet, the running play was becoming much more difficult and the ball was getting very slippy for the passing game.

Neither team were able to score any points in the second half of the game but the final play of the day came from the Standish offense who threw the ball into the hands of Burnley’s newest recruit Callum Doherty, who caught it and returned it for a couple of yards to end the day.

The final score of the day was 26-6 to Burnley, who claimed the cup.

A presentation was made by Simon Purcell to Robins, captain for Burnley, and a few words of thanks were given to the academy for organising the event.

The trophy match was the final game of the very successful season for the Tornados who have ended up North West champions, Northern Conference champions, third nationally and the first-ever winners of the Lancashire Rosebowl!

Due to their success, the Tornados have expanded from just youth football and are looking to add to the flag team, started this year, and are looking towards a senior team.

If you would like to be part of this championship-winning club, training is on Saturdays at the Prairie from 10 a.m., or see the website for further details - www.tornadosafc.com