Burnley Thai boxer wins first fight

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BURNLEY Thai boxer Mickey Lee won his first fight in Whitworth last Saturday.

Mickey, who fights out of Thai Boxing, was victorious on all three judges’ cards, taking every round against Matt Latham from Scotland.

The 17-year-old has been training at the Burnley club for almost two years, but this was his first fight, and he trained three hours a night, six times a week for nine weeks.

The first round saw Mickey come out very aggressively, immediately taking the fight to Latham with a series of punches and kicks. Latham was constantly on the back foot as the Burnley fighter delivered vicious hooks and leg kicks to his opponent.

The second round started as the first had finished, with Mickey pounding the Scot’s head and legs. The Burnley fighter then took Latham into the clinch and began an onslaught of powerful knees and kicks to the body, which ended with Latham on the canvas.

The third and final round was once again all about Mickey, with more knees and kicks being delivered to the legs, head and body of his adversary, who by now was looking forward to hearing the final bell sound. The judges then in turn scored each round to Mickey and awarded him his first sweet taste of victory.

Trainer Paul Murphy said: “When Mickey first walked in to my gym he was a very young shy boy who was being badly bullied at school. The same young boy never stopped working and always listened and learned from all the other guys down here.

This young boy who was such a nice kid without a fight in him has turned into a man.”

Burnley Thai Boxing have now won 93 out of their last 100 fights.

They will be looking to continue that success on Sunday when the undefeated, three times champion Adam Windle and undefeated champion Kieron Gamble will be competing in Batley.