Burnley Thai-boxer is King of the Ring!

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BURNLEY’S Adam Windle has finally been crowned King of the Ring!

Unity College student Adam, 12, won the prestigious King of the Ring title in Southampton last month by defeating Gosport’s Hayden Taylor.

The long trip was worth it as the Burnley boy not only beat his opponent, but did it in magnificent style.

The bout ended in the second round with Taylor left unconscious due to a ferocious knee to the head.

Adam now extends his championship belt tally to five, which is some achievement for a young man not yet in his teenage years.

Round one saw Adam totally dominate his opponent with a series of body punches, roundhouse kicks, knees and sweeps which saw Taylor on the canvas half a dozen times.

The second round started no differently, and Taylor spent the next minute on the back foot before Adam took hold of him in the clinch.

This was the beginning of the end for the Gosport fighter as Adam hit him with a wonderful combination of knees to the ribs and solar plexus before delivering the final telling blow.

“It took Taylor around five minutes to eventually get up, and thankfully the young lad was absolutely fine afterwards.

Adam’s trainer Paul Murphy said: “This was a totally one-sided affair but, to be honest, without wanting to sound arrogant, I knew it would be.

“Adam has once again proved he is the best 38 kg, 12-year-old in this country, as he showed when he won the English title last year.

“I will now be looking very hard for sponsorship for Adam as he is now ready to take on the Europeans.

“I know that Adam will go on to compete on the world stage as he is pure class in every way.”

Also competing on the same card were Burnley’s Mohammed Ali and Junaid Yousaf.

Mohammed, aged only seven, took the club record with a 17-second stoppage.

The little Burnley fighter hit his opponent with a nasty combination of roundhouse kicks to the legs and body of his opponent, who immediately caved in and gave up.

Although Mohammed is only 22kg, the power of his kicks was evident, and it left his trainer Murphy saying: “He has a lot to live up to with a name like Mohammed Ali, but he was more like a young Tyson on the night, disposing of his opponent so easily with such raw power.”

Junaid easily outpointed Southampton’s Jake Tappenden, which made it another three fights, three wins for Burnley Thai, which extends their success to 114 wins in their last 120 fights.

Junaid easily controlled each round with the use of his teep (front kick) and clinch work, using the knee and sweep to maximum effect.

Burnley have North West champion Rob Lupton, Mohammed Ali, Shoeib Yousaf, Charlotte Derbyshire and Junaid Yousaf in action on May 19th in Rochdale.

Anyone wanting tickets can call Murphy on 07810 453 960.