Burnley tennis stars serve up wins

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BURNLEY’S tennis stars are already serving up a treat as Burnley Lawn Tennis Club’s season got underway.

In Open Division 1, Burnley ‘A’ were in frightening form as they beat Feniscowles 5-0 at home.

The first pairing of Iain Taylor and Adam Walne won both their rubbers, beat Feniscowles’ first pair, 2-6 – 6-3 – 6-3, before defeating the second pair, 6-3 – 6-4.

Burnley’s second pairing of Chris Rowell and Paul Barlow won both their rubbers quite comfortably, beating Feniscowles’ second pair, 6-1 – 6-0, and winninh their second rubber 6-4 – 6-4.

It was another whitewash in Open Division 2 as well with Burnley ‘B’ beating Crosshill ‘B’ 5-0 at home.

Burnley’s first pairing of Paul Wheatcroft and Matthew Hargreaves hammered both pairs of Crosshill ‘B’, winning 6-2 -6-1 against their first pair and 6-4 – 6-1 against the second pair.

Elsewhere, two of the club’s teams went head to head, and it was the ‘C’ team that came out on top by thumping the ‘D’ team 5-0.

Steve Palmer and Elaine Varcoe beat Alistair.Baldocke & Liam Taylor, 6-0 – 6-1 and also beat the ‘D’ teams second pairing of Darren Bradshaw and Craig Barker, 6-0 – 6-0.

Steven Blackadder and Simon Goodall beat Bradshaw and Barker, 6-1 – 6-3 and then beat Liam Taylor and Baldocke, 6-4 – 6-2.

In Open Division 3, Burnley ‘F’ came through against Burnley ‘E’ on games.

David Hodgson and Nick.Holt beat James Denson and Matthew Crossley, 6-2 – 7-6 but they were beaten by the ‘F’ team’s second pairing of Nigel Holt and Derek Walker, 6-0 – 2-6 – 3-6.

The ‘E’ team’s second pair, Ray Pilling and Peter Ashworth beat Nigel Holt and Walker in a tight three set match, 3-6 – 7-6 – 7-5, but just like the ‘E’ teams first pair they lost their second rubber 2-6 – 1-6 to Denson & Crossley.