Burnley’s archery day is a success

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BURNLEY Enterprise of Sport and Training on Network 65 hosted an Archery taster day along with Burnley Bows, in connection with the post-Olympic legacy campaigns ‘Join In UK One Big Weekend’ and the BBC’s ‘Things to Do.’

Over 30 archers, covering all ages and abilities, took advantage of the free session on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

All Archers were shooting Barebow Recurve Bow’s at a 10m target, with Olympic-style scoring getting participants in the competitive mood.

After a nervous shaky start, all who took part were hitting the target bosses with ease, with many scoring into the 20s in their three arrows sets.

Young Matthew Casper, 12, scored an impressive 26 with his first three attempts.

Ken Jensen rose to the challenge and was on target for the seniors with an impressive 28.

Archery GB leader Nik Tucker was on hand giving advice and commentary throughout in his unique funny style with all having a good time.

Specialist shooter Gary Barnes was also on hand to offer expert tips and technical support.

A special mention must go to Donald Aspden, 68, who consistently hit the 20s score despite never picking up a bow before.

Andrew Smith from the BEST was also present and said: “We wanted to allow would-be Robin Hoods and Maid Marions the chance to try out archery and we hope to support Burnley Bows in the future by setting up a regular session, keeping it affordable for all.”

The BEST Centre also homes other Olympic sports - gymnastics, table tennis as well as archery.

Anyone interested in taking up any of the sports can contact the BEST Centre via their website www.thebestcentre.com, phone 455068 or follow on twitter or facebook.