Blessed Trinity’s Bram aims to be big hit in boxing

Bram Richmond
Bram Richmond
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Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College’s Bram Richmond wants to be a big hit in boxing.

The Year Seven student attends Sandygate ABC and has so far been limited to skills bouts.

But the 11-year-old hopes he will be able to start competing soon for wins in the ring: “I train three times a week,” said Bram, who has been boxing around a year. “I have had a couple of skills fights so far, which are three rounds of 90 seconds, where there are no winners and you have to have three of these before your fights count.

“I have another fight soon and then I hope I can take it further. Boxing has given me a focus, I enjoy it and I want to be a boxer.”

Sandygate coach Nik Tucker, said: “Bram is an exceptional talent. He has great potential to achieve regional and national titles with his fitness levels, height and commitment.”