Big medal haul for local wrestlers

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Burnley CombatSombo were hugely successful at the British CombatSombo Association 1st CombatSombo Wrestling Championships in Sittingbourne, Kent.

Sombo in Russian means self defence without weapons, and is recognised as one of the four major wrestling sports.

Burnley CombatSombo is the only recognised club in Lancashire, and they brought home 25 medals for Ryan Marsden (Gold in no jacket, Bronze in jacket), Seneca Lupton (Gold in jacket, Gold in no jacket), Armani Welsby (Silver in no jacket), Riona Hartley (Bronze in no jacket), Ewan Hartley (Gold in jacket), Jack McLoughlin (Bronze in jacket), Hudson Dand (Gold in jacket, Silver in no jacket), Emma Reid (Silver in no jacket, Bronze in jacket), Diane Hawkins (Bronze in no jacket), Gail Ellis (Silver in no jacket, Silver in jacket), Daniel Clarkin (Gold in no jacket), Ben Whitehead (Gold in jacket, Gold in no jacket), Ryan Lockwood (Silver in no jacket, Bronze in jacket), Gintaras Jonuskis (Bronze in jacket), Romario Kirkby (Gold in jacket, Bronze in no jacket), Ryan Harrison-Reader (Gold in jacket, Gold in no jacket).

The club are now in training for the BSF Silver Jubilee in December.

If any one wants info on joining the club for a beginners course, please contact Allan Clarkin (07931635447).