Ben faces the best in the world!

Ben is pictured with Fedor
Ben is pictured with Fedor
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BEN Whitehead travelled to Belarus in November to compete in the hardest jacket sport in the world, Combat Sambo.

The World Governing Body FIAS held their world championships for Sport Sambo and Combat Sambo in Belarus.

Sambo means Self Defence without weapons, and over the years has been turned into a world sport, while combat sambo is a full-contact striking and wrestling sport with organisations all over the world.

The Burnley CombatSombo club is a member of the Britsih Sombo Federation which is the UK Governing Body for any Sombo/Sambo styles.

Ben travelled from London with Team GB to a very cold Belarus, competing in the men’s heavyweight group up against the world’s best.

The worlds most recognised MMA and Combat Sambo fighter Fedor Emelianenko was at this event - he was undefeated in MMA in 10 years!

Ben was up against the man that beat Fedor last year - Martin Marinkov from Bulgaria - and both men had scored points when Ben went into attack, but was countered by the more experienced fighter and caught Ben in an arm bar.

The Bulgarian went on to win the bronze medal.

Ben is now ranked ninth in the world in Combat Sambo, not bad for a first timer!

Burnley CombatSombo train at St Peter’s Centre, and for more details, contact Allan Clarkin on 07931635447.