Former champions paired in Golden Cue

THERE are 32 challengers remaining as the Moorhouse’s Golden Cue competition reaches the second round.

Monday, 13th February 2012, 2:00 pm

The draw, made at Padiham Snooker Centre by Mick Ashton, Derek Thompson and Mark Salmon, saw former champions Jimmy Waddington and Russell Large pitted together at Barrowford’s Lamb Club.

The battle of Skipton duo James Marshall and Josh Foster will take place on the tight table at Crosshills Conservative Club in another enticing draw, while Matt Kaley has his work cut out against hot shot Ben Allen at Dickie Pinks.

The draw is as follows:

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M. Kaley (Dickie Pinks), small, +20 v B. Allen (Burnley SC), Large, +5; P. Selby (Burnley SC), Large, +10 v D. Howe (Ighten Leigh), Large, Scr; J. Waddington (Lamb), Small, Scr v R. Large (Read Con), Large, Scr; J. Sanderson (Lowerhouse), Large +25 v P. Mercer (Low Moor), Large, Scr; S. Lawless (Colne Legion), Large +5 v P. Rinaldi (Padiham), Large, Scr; F. Ajaib (Padiham), Large, Scr v B. Ellis (Paradise), Small, +15; P. Doyle (Colne SC), Large, +5 v A. Harris (Ighten Leigh), Small, +20; A. Greenwood (Worsthorne), Small, +10 v J. Moorehead (Burnley League), Large, +15; J. Clark (Padiham SC), Large, +5 v A. Goody (Padiham WMC), Small, +15.

K. Nyari (Worsthorne), Small, +15 v C. Docherty (Canteen), Large, +15; E. Hall (Colne Legion), Large, +20 v L. Edmondson (Ighten Leigh), Large, +15; C. Ashton (Burnley SC), Large, +5 v D. Paton (Rolls Royce), Large, +5; K. Ormerod Jnr (Alexandra), Small, +5 or K. Ormerod Snr (Alexandra), Small, +20 v A. Bates (Lamb), Small, +15; S. Bradburn (Green Street), Small, +15 v M. Salmon (Strategy Skipton), Large, +5; J. Marshall (Crosshills Con Club), Large, +5 v J. Foster (LMS Skipton), Large, +5; D. McKavett (Paradise), Small, +20 v S. Greenwood (Rolls Royce), Large, +20.

Ties to be played by Friday, March 2nd at 9 p.m.