From WiFi to a kitchen - Burnley FC's team coach helping the Clarets on the road

Having claimed just a single Premier League win away from Turf Moor last season, a dramatic upturn in the Clarets' results on the road during this campaign has got fans and pundits alike asking: what's changed?

Friday, 20th October 2017, 2:55 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 6:17 am
Burnley FC's away coach.

Beyond some savvy additions to the squad, it turns out that a new coffee machine on the team's bus might just be making all the difference for the seventh-placed Burnley, who are yet to lose away from home this season in their best ever start to a Premier League campaign.

The Carlisle-based coach company, Reays, originally invested £250,000 in the amenity-laden vehicle once Burnley secured promotion back to the top flight following their Championship-winning 2015/16 season, kitting the Clarets' bus out with everything a modern footballer could ever need.

"We spent a lot of money on it to get it exactly as Burnley wanted it, it was specially designed for them," said Reays' Head of Corporate, Simon Woodward. "It's got Apple TV, a full Bose surround-sound system, phone chargers in the tables so you put your phone down and it charges them.

Burnley manager, Sean Dyche, getting of the team bus.

"It's got a club lounge in the back for players to play cards, Sky TV, WiFi," Simon continued. "A full range of kitchen equipment, an oven, two microwaves - they like to cook on the way home!

"It's even got a management area, so the front section is partitioned off so Sean Dyche and his assistants can analyse the games," Simon said.

Right down to claret and blue lighting, Reays - which has been providing the Burnley FC bus for around five years - have left no stone unturned, and the marginal gains offered by such plush surroundings are starting to add up.

Despite taking until their penultimate away game to pick up their first three points on the road last season, Sean Dyche's side have already claimed two long-haul wins this season, opening their campaign with a barnstorming 2-3 victory at Stamford Bridge, the home of the league champions, Chelsea.

Burnley manager, Sean Dyche, getting of the team bus.

They have also secured creditable draws against Liverpool and Spurs on the road as well as a victory at stuttering Everton, winning eight out of a possible twelve points to better last season's tally of away points after just seven matches.

"We were disappointed that they only managed to win one match away from home last year but we always kept faith and knew they'd come good," said Reays Company Spokesman, Vic Gibson. "We're not surprised they've turned it round and we'd like to think Reays played a part."

One other thing has changed on the bus too: a new second driver - Lee Corcoran - has been hired to help regular driver, Alan Humpage, share the load during the more taxing drives to London, Bournemouth, Brighton, Newcastle, and Swansea.

And while Lee won't be required for the relatively short trip to East Manchester for Burnley's match against high-flying Manchester City, the Clarets will need any edge they can get to ensure their sparkling away record stays intact come Saturday afternoon.

But according to Simon, all Reays can do is make sure the players are relaxed and ready to perform, and while their form away from home comforts may not be solely down to a few lattes and cappuccinos, ensuring the bus is a "team bonding area" is crucial.

"The lads need to be laid back as possible," he said. "At a Premier League standard, the coach has to be in tip-top condition and that's what we tray to provide."