Who would be Burnley's record signing in today's money?

TotallyMoney's Transfer Index has calculated how much every Premier League transfer would cost in today's money.
Robbie BradyRobbie Brady
Robbie Brady

And their results would give Burnley a new record signing.

The index has looked at the average transfer values of players since the Premier League began in 1992, and compared the increase in transfer costs over time.

From this, they calculated what they call ‘football player inflation’.

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Footballers cost a lot of money. In August 2017, Brazilian striker Neymar broke world records when he transferred from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for a whopping £198 million.

He’s thought to be one of the best players of his generation. But, the same was once said about Thierry Henry — who went for close to £10 million when he transferred to Arsenal in 1999.

So, why are footballers worth so much more now? And how much would players from the past be worth if they were bought today?

Burnley’s record signing would look slightly different, certainly.

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Chris Wood and Ben Gibson currently share that honour, both at £15m.

But a former holder of that title would resume the role - Robbie Brady.

Brady’s approximate £13m switch from Norwich would in January 2017 would now be valued at £16,680,000.

Gibson, a month after his arrival, would be priced at £14,640,000, with Jeff Hendrick, valued at around £10m in the summer of 2016, now priced at £13,010,000.

Wood is fourth on the list at £12,880,000.

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The further you go back, the original fee has gone up significantly in today’s money.

Steven Fletcher was a £3m record signing in 2009, which would be £9,340,000 now.

Andre Bikey, signed the same summer, would have cost £6,520,000 in today’s money.

An interactive table featuring every transfer since 1992 is available at https://www.totallymoney.com/content/transfer-index/data/