Study reveals the most sung pop songs by football fans

After conducted months of online research and interviewing hundreds of football fans, Gola have found out the most popular songs sung in the terrace, by the Premier League clubs supporters.

Burnley fans in full voice at Stamford Bridge as the Clarets beat Chelsea 3-2 on the opening day of the season
Burnley fans in full voice at Stamford Bridge as the Clarets beat Chelsea 3-2 on the opening day of the season

Participants were asked to pick their top 3 chants that had been taken from popular music.

Sloop John B by the Beach Boys was mentioned most, with Arsenal, Everton, Watford, Liverpool, and Spurs fan all stating it was one of the most sung songs. Hey Jude, Que Sera and Just Can’t Get Enough followed in second, third and forth, sung by 4 clubs each. Bringing up the rear is Glad All Over by the Dave Clark Five, chanted by Crystal Palace, West Brom and Man City respectively.

Other famous songs that made it into the piece were Yellow Submarine, Mambo No.5, Gold, Spirit in the Sky and the Liquidator. Tunes that were surprisingly less popular are, 7 nation army by The White Stripes and Cum On Feel The Noize. In contrast, newer chants emanating from songs like Freed From Desire and Achy Breaky Heart had attracted more votes.

All the songs mentioned have relatively memorable and simple tunes, making it easier for people to learn the words and the less talented vocalists amongst us, to sing along! With the same songs appearing, it becomes obvious that football supporters inspire each other – even though they may not admit it!


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Siobhan Cooper, Marketing Manager of Gola said: “Football plays a major role in many of our lives around the globe. From Sunday League to International Football, voicing one’s passion for their club has always been a feature of the beautiful game. Whenever we watch teams play you can hear people chanting at the top of their voices and often songs that we know the original lyrics too. This notion got us thinking – which songs do football fans sing the most? Obviously the most sung football songs are subjective, but the research shows there are some songs that frequently occur with Premier Leauge fans – ballads from Depeche Mode and The Beatles are worth noting. This suggests popular songs are carefully chosen to turn into chants from terrace.

We want people to start thinking about the theatrical fan culture of football, and hopefully this study will help people achieve that. Music in football lets us think about what supporting a club really means and how that love is expressed in sound. Next time you go to the football, or even watch it on TV, see if you can hear any of the tunes mentioned here and don’t be afraid to sing along”.