Sean Dyche on why Burnley voted against the big six and the plan to reintroduce five substitutes

Burnley were one of 10 clubs who voted against the introduction of five substitutes from nine on Thursday - the third time the idea has been rejected.
Sean DycheSean Dyche
Sean Dyche

Clubs did, however, to trial concussion subs, and will allow nine players on the bench for games from Saturday’s round of fixtures onwards, although only three can be used.

Sean Dyche understands why the big six clubs would want the use of five subs, given how their squads are stretched, in European competition and often going deep into domestic cups as well.

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But he has long felt it was an unfair advantage for the elite, with their ability to stockpile world-class talent.

Dyche said last month: “For the big clubs who play lots of games, of course it’s useful.

”It gives them the ability to use players who are fresher and more ready, but of course it does favour the big clubs because if you are one of the superpowers they probably carry 20-plus international footballers, so they can use them more regularly.

”It will, in my opinion, help them over a season.

“For smaller clubs like ourselves, it’s detrimental slightly as if teams opposite us have 20-plus players who they can use, then it’s a positive for them and not so useful for us.

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”As we’ve seen, we carry a small squad, we can’t afford the same quality as the big teams, and if you get injuries it becomes very difficult.

“The last few games, a number of the top managers have come out and said it, but haven’t used all their subs.

”They‘ve used maybe one in the 89th minute, so go figure.”

And, after the third vote went against the big six, Dyche reiterated his stance: “Concussion subs for the health of the players is appropriate, as long as it can be done quickly.

”On the one hand, everyone is talking about the constant stopping of the game now, so I’m sure the medical teams will be able to do that, very quick questioning to sort it out.

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“But the five subs, for us, the balance in my opinion, for the big clubs that are in every competition and are in’s a lot tougher for us, we don’t want five subs because we don’t have their squads.

“We can’t make those changes, we haven’t got their depth.

“But if I was at a big club in every competition, I totally understand why they want five.

“Nine subs just keeps players happy, that’s all it’s for, so the big clubs with 25 world class players can keep a few more happy.”