Revealed: How much Burnley's best paid players are said to earn and which stars receive the highest salary — photo gallery

A footballer’s purported salary is a topic that often generates intrigue and conversation among supporters.

Fans from clubs across the globe are always interested to know about the four, five and six-figure sums their favourite stars are taking home in their well-heeled weekly wage packets.

Fortunately, data specialists at Salary Sport have answered all the questions we’ve been asking on their database by providing an insight into what each and every player is reportedly pocketing at their respective clubs.

Championship leaders Burnley, for example, shell out £25,689,560 per year or £494,030 per week in player wages, if those figures are to be believed.

Here is how much the Clarets’ best paid players are said to be pulling in.

Scroll through our gallery to see who is earning what, in ascending order.

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