Maxwel Cornet impact could open door to more ‘risk’ signings at Burnley

Sean Dyche feels the new Burnley board are more prepared to bring in ‘risk’ signings.

And he hopes the impact of Maxwel Cornet shows the club can have success in overseas markets.

Cornet is the first signing of note from abroad since Steven Defour arrived from Anderlecht in the summer of 2016, and Defour was not much of a risk, having earned half a century of caps for Belgium’s golden generation!

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But there was a reticence to gamble and spend money on players who may not settle into the area, or Premier League football under the previous board.

That has restricted the options available for Dyche to add to his squad, particularly given the price of Championship players – a league the club have mined to good effect – has rocketed over time.

Burnley have to stay in the Premier League to be attractive to players from abroad, and try and bring in talent to take them to the next level, but Dyche said: “The board dynamic has changed and the view has changed.

“The new board will put some finance at risk for the right players, as long as the due diligence has been done.

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“It wasn’t as free-flowing with the outgoing board, and it wasn’t as free-flowing with what you would call risk players, players who culturally have to change, settle into an area and the back up systems and support needed for those players.

“This ownership and view is different.”

He added: “Neither is particularly right or wrong, because we have done some really good work with more British players here.

“I would never overlook that or the board and the way they were trying to operate, it was safer but it was trying to make the club secure and look after it.

“This is slightly more open minded approach and is something I have always been saying that we had to do anyway.

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“This board and ownership have backed it and said ‘we get it’, and so as long as the diligence is there and we think we are going in the right direction then we would like to support it.

“So maybe, as long as we look after ourselves this season, it is that next level of thinking, and that is what I have been asking for over the last few seasons.”

Cornet arrived at the club with real pedigree, having played in the Champions League with Lyon, where he scored four goals in three games against Manchester City, including in a quarter-final victory in August 2020.

But has Dyche been surprised at his instant impression, in netting three goals in three Premier League starts for the club?: “Not overly, he was up and running at Lyon and playing season in and season out.

“He came in generally in a good shape.

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“Our scouts had seen a deeper level of performance than us and felt he could have offer something different.

“Along with our own eyes, we judged what we thought he could offer us and so far he has done, but it is so far.

“It is still early, we like what he is doing and how he is rubbing off on the team.

“He is still adapting to the Premier League, you could see on Saturday, the distance covered against getting back into position when they opened up the right hand side a few times.

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“That is probably an adjustment he has to make, because everyone will tell you that the Premier League works quicker in transition and more urgently at times.

“The feel and tempo of a game can be quicker.

“But there are some very good signs there.”

Cornet was a welcome arrival after a few barren summers in the transfer market for the fans, a genuinely exciting signing, and they have taken him immediately to their hearts.

However, should they not get too carried away just yet?

Dyche smiled: “They can get as carried away as they wish!

“Me and my staff have to realise and analyse to the truth of what is going on, and how he is adapting, and how he can learn and adapt to what it is to be in the Premier League.

“That is our job.

“But we want the fans to enjoy these players, all of our players for different reasons.

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“I am sure they have enjoyed players who haven’t got perhaps the ‘je ne sais quoi’!

“I am sure they are enjoying James Tarkowski’s performances, I certainly am.

“Different kind of players and things make up a team, and Maxwel has given us something different at the moment.”