Clarets inspire New Yorkers to famous win over Liverpool

A very different Burnley team, in downtown New York
A very different Burnley team, in downtown New York
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Burnley beating Liverpool 5-0 would normally be a headline tale.

In 84 meetings, over 121 years, Burnley have never beaten the Reds by such a margin.

Burnley FC embodies everything I wanted the team to strive for

Nick Stone, Manager

Not until now anyway!

In the Downtown Soccer League, played in lower Manhattan, a junior football team named after the two-time champions of England helped to change history.

New York native Nick Stone has morphed into Clarets boss Sean Dyche as his under 7’s side opened the season with a resounding win.

Lyall Marino netted a hat-trick for the victors while Jack Stone and Sam Schneider also etched their names on to the score sheet.

“The league co-ordinator gave me quite a few options for team names before the season began,” said Nick, who coaches the youngsters.

“But Burnley was the easy, natural choice.

“I wasn’t interested in an affiliation with the larger Premier League clubs because I didn’t want the kids to be focussed on pretending to be Sterling, Hazard or Rooney.

“Burnley FC embodies everything I wanted the team to strive for.

“Even on TV from 3,500 miles away you can sense the wonderful environment of Turf Moor and the special bond that exists between local fans and the team.”

Nick added: “In my emails to the parents I’ve been giving some background on Burnley FC and going forward I plan on giving regular updates on the club’s season.

“It is very important to me that Burnley FC doesn’t just exist as some abstraction across the Atlantic, but rather as a team whose rich history can inspire us.”

Burnley compete in a division which includes Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Manchester United, Spurs, Sunderland, Swansea, West Brom, Norwich City, Fulham, Blackburn, QPR, Charlton Athletic, Bristol City, Wolves and Birmingham City.