Chris Draper celebrating 21st birthday with freestyling frenzy in the US

Chris Draper looks on as Celtic's Tony Watt shows off his skills
Chris Draper looks on as Celtic's Tony Watt shows off his skills

After working with some of the world’s biggest football club’s in 2013, football freestyler Chris Draper will be celebrating his 21st birthday with another trip to the States.

Since the New Year the expressive performer has joined forces with the likes of Arsenal and Celtic as well as doing a promotional campaign with Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Chris, who celebrates his birthday tomorrow, will fly across the Atlantic to display his anthology of skills to fans as Fort Lauderdale Strikers take on Brazilian outfit Cruzeiro on June 23rd before performing at the club’s Spring Championship fixture with San Antonio Scorpions six days later.

“I am very proud to have worked with some of the biggest clubs in world football and I hope I can keep progressing,” said Chris. “I am heading back out to Miami and I really enjoy being able to perform in the US because it’s a different environment to what I am used to here. I love the passion they have and the way they always want to get involved in my performances.”

Chris, who has now been perfecting his art for 18 months, will also be heading out to Prague in August for the Superball - a world football freestyle contest.

“I’m delighted because this will give me an opportunity to prove myself against the very best in the world,” he beamed. “I never imagined when growing up in Burnley that I’d be pitting myself against the world’s best.”