'Let's push things forward' - Burnley boss Sean Dyche hoping for more backing from new chairman and board

While success is still likely to mean retaining Premier League status in seasons to come, Burnley boss Sean Dyche gets the impression new chairman Alan Pace is eager to "move things forward."
Sean DycheSean Dyche
Sean Dyche

The Clarets are close to securing a sixth-successive season in the top flight, and seventh in eight, all achieved by Dyche on one of the regularly lowest budgets in the Premier League.

He spent only £750,000 this summer, but, after an injury-hit start to the campaign saw his side pick up only two points from seven games, Burnley are six clear of Fulham, with a game in hand, with six to play.

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Some clubs do come in for criticism for 'only' looking to survive in the Premier League, and collect the prize money on offer, but the Clarets earned two top-10 finishes in three seasons, and Dyche feels the new hierarchy want to try and build.

Asked if staying up is success for the club, Dyche admitted: "It has been, there is maybe a different viewpoint now, but it certainly has been, that was my remit over the last few years.

"I think it's fair to say you can tell by the funding that was put in, they weren't really trying to stretch the club to try and build, it was more a case of 'can we stay in there, and if we can, that's great news'.

"Now, I'll wait and see, but certainly the noise from Alan (Pace), and his team, is offering the idea of attempting to move things forward.

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"The reason I say 'attempting' is because it is small steps.

"It's very difficult when you are a club like Burnley to make huge strides in one go, and we've all seen clubs attempt to do it - it doesn't always work out.

"Clubs who have new owners or backers, put in £100m or so straight off the bat, and it just hasn't worked.

"So I think the correct thing to do is slowly add on and keep layering up and try and move forwards."