Leaders will emerge from Burnley side

CLARETS assistant boss Jason Tindall feels leaders will develop at Turf Moor in time.

Tuesday, 18th October 2011, 8:30 am

Eddie Howe admitted his side are “quiet” on the pitch, but while Tindall would like to hear the players become more vocal, he believes the more games their young squad plays, the more confident they will glean to speak out and organise.

Ahead of the trip tonight to Barnsley, Tindall said: “We’d like to be more vocal and have more leaders because it does make each individual job easier, but it’s something these players will gain from experience.

“We have a young side and there’re learning with each game, and in time, I’m sure they will become leaders in their own right, and adapt themselves to each game.

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“We would like more voices and leadership, and while we haven’t got that at the moment, we’re very pleased with the squad we’ve got.

“We’re going in the right direction, and when we perform, we’re a force to be reckoned with in this division.”

Chris McCann admitted before the start of the season, having been made skipper, that he wasn’t a “screamer and a shouter”, but felt he could lead by example, and Tindall agrees.

He said: “Not every captain is vocal – you can go up and down the country and all the different captains will bring different strengths.

“You wouldn’t say Chris’ strength is his vocal ability, he has other strengths and influences on other players.”

Leadership is not something you can coach into players, but Tindall added: “We put practices on to help the players, but the biggest key is the more games they play, the more confident they become and more vocal.

“It does take time, it’s not something that you can install within a week or two.

“There are experienced captains of 27, 28 who aren’t really vocal and they are a hard breed to come by – John Terry is one of the best at it, but apart from him, you can’t think of many.

“But it’s not a massive concern for us, it’s something we’d like, but we’re not too fussed.”

Meanwhile, he hopes Saturday’s 1-0 reverse at home to Reading proves a blip, bringing a four-game unbeaten run to an end.

The squad looked back on Monday on where things unravelled against the Royals, as Tindall explained: “I think on the back of Saturday, where we didn’t quite get ourselves going from where we left off before the international break, the good thing is we have an opportunity to get that out of our system and get back on track.

“We analyse every game, we were in early and we like to highlight and clip things and show players what we feel is relevant to them, rather than get the whole team to watch the 90 minutes, which can be ineffective.

“We like to individualise it annd break it down into each unit, show them the clips and identify things we feel can make the players and the team better.”