We'll give you a bonus point if you can name this former Burnley manager, who missed a penalty in England's World Cup semi-final shootout defeat against Germany in 1990?

Test your knowledge: Part 3 - Can you name these 18 former Burnley FC players?

How well do you know your former Clarets from the past few decades?

Fans will have seen hundreds of players come and go throughout the years as different managers tried to put their stamp on the team.

We sometimes see more of them than we do our own families. Some have left a bigger mark than others. Some, quite frankly, are forgotten as soon as they're ushered out the door.

But could you recognise them from a still image. Test your knowledge and take the second part of our quiz, seeing how many you would get out of the 18 pictures on show.

Answers will be revealed on page 5. Jot down your answers and see how many you get.

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