How much each club paid-per-point in the Premier League in 2019/20 - where did Burnley, Aston Villa and Liverpool rank?

The price of Premier League survival for Aston Villa and the expense of clinching a Champions League place for Manchester United sees these two teams top the cost-per-point table, according to research by football analysts at

Friday, 7th August 2020, 7:30 am
Burnley boss Sean Dyche

Aston Villa gambled £143m in transfer fees to avoid being relegated following their promotion and their 35 points meant each precious point cost over £4m.

Meanwhile, United's cost-per-point was almost £3m as they spent big in summer and again on Bruno Fernandes in January to avoid another season without Champions League football.

Liverpool did the bulk of their transfers in the last couple of seasons and each one of their 99 points on the way to winning the title cost them just under £95,000. Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Burnley performed well on a low transfer budget, as did Southampton and Sheffield United.

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Total points: 35 Total spend: 143,190,000 Cost-per-point: 4,091,143

A BonusCodeBets spokesperson said: "Manchester United's deep pockets just about got them over the line to finish in the Champions League in a season where big-spending didn't always result in a big points return.

"Liverpool put the work in the transfer market in previous seasons, while Crystal Palace, Burnley, Southampton and Sheffield United performed well on a tight budget."

Total points: 66 Total spend: 192,600,000 Cost-per-point: 2,918,182
Total points: 39 Total spend: 108,180,000 Cost-per-point: 2,773,846
Total points: 56 Total spend: 144,360,000 Cost-per-point: 2,577,857
Total points: 59 Total spend: 133,540,000 Cost-per-point: 2,263,390
Total points: 49 Total spend: 107,910,000 Cost-per-point: 2,202,245
Total points: 59 Total spend: 109,530,000 Cost-per-point: 1,856,441
Total points: 81 Total spend: 150,140,000 Cost-per-point: 1,853,580
Total points: 41 Total spend: 69,350,000 Cost-per-point: 1,691,463
Total points: 62 Total spend: 93,870,000 Cost-per-point: 1,514,032
Total points: 34 Total spend: 50,810,000 Cost-per-point: 1,494,412
Total points: 44 Total spend: 65,610,000 Cost-per-point: 1,491,136
Total points: 34 Total spend: 43,200,000 Cost-per-point: 1,270,588
Total points: 54 Total spend: 62,100,000 Cost-per-point: 1,150,000
Total points: 52 Total spend: 52,740,000 Cost-per-point: 1,014,231
Total points: 66 Total spend: 40,500,000 Cost-per-point: 613,636
Total points: 21 Total spend: 7,930,000 Cost-per-point: 377,619
Total points: 54 Total spend: 17,460,000 Cost-per-point: 323,333
Total points: 43 Total spend: 6,840,000 Cost-per-point: 159,070
Total points: 99 Total spend: 9,360,000 Cost-per-point: 94,545