How Burnley rank in game time spent winning and losing in the Premier League so far this season

Burnley have made an encouraging start to the 2019/20 league campaign, and currently sit seventh in the table after picking up 12 points from their opening eight matches. Sean Dyche's side headed into the international break with a 1-0 win over Everton, stretching their unbeaten run to four matches. However, there are some tough matches on the horizon, with the likes of Leicester City, Chelsea, and Sheffield United set to pose a tricky test in the coming weeks.

Friday, 11th October 2019, 3:06 pm

Here's a look at how long every Premier League side have spent winning, drawing, and losing in the competition so far this season. Click and scroll your way through the gallery to see how the Clarets shape up against their divisional rivals, ranked from highest to lowest win time %. Statistics provided by the excellent 'Experimental 3-6-1' website...

Time winning: 60.4% Time drawing: 36.9% Time losing: 2.7% League position: 1st.
Time winning: 51.9% Time drawing: 36% Time losing: 12.1% League position: 2nd
Time winning: 47.6% Time drawing: 31.4% Time losing: 21% League position: 5th
Time winning: 41.7% Time drawing: 40.2% Time losing: 18.1% League position: 15th
Time winning: 37.4% Time drawing: 31.6% Time losing: 31% League position: 10th
Time winning: 34.5% Time drawing: 30.5% Time losing: 35% League position: 9th
Time winning: 33.9% Time drawing: 40.9% Time losing: 25.2% League position: 3rd
Time winning: 33.7% Time drawing: 48.3% Time losing: 18% League position: 12th
Time winning: 29.3% Time drawing: 44.7% Time losing: 26% League position: 7th
Time winning: 28.8% Time drawing: 52.8% Time losing: 18.4% League position: 6th
Time winning: 26.5% Time drawing: 50.2% Time losing: 23.3% League position: 14th
Time winning: 26.3% Time drawing: 43.1% Time losing: 30.6% League position: 4th
Time winning: 24.2% Time drawing: 61.3% Time losing: 14.5% League position: 8th
Time winning: 22.1% Time drawing: 47.1% Time losing: 30.8% League position: 18th
Time winning: 18.5% Time drawing: 23.2% Time losing: 58.3% League position: 19th
Time winning: 15% Time drawing: 49.1% Time losing: 35.9% League position: 16th
Time winning: 13.9% Time drawing: 59.9% Time losing: 26.2% League position: 13th
Time winning: 12.5% Time drawing: 46.7% Time losing: 40.8% League position: 11th
Time winning: 9.2.% Time drawing: 43.4% Time losing: 47.4% League position: 17th
Time winning: 5.1% Time drawing: 38.5% Time losing: 56.4% League position: 20th