Football finance experts: Burnley FC extremely appealing to sponsors

Burnley FC's brand strength and status as resolute underdogs makes them appealing to sponsors, according to football finance experts from Brand Finance.

Wednesday, 28th August 2019, 1:36 pm
Burnley manager Sean Dyche during his side's 1-1 away draw with Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Speaking on the Tifo Football Podcast last week, Brand Finance representatives Bryn Anderson and Declan Ahern both singled out the Clarets as being particularly attractive to sponsors, especially local and regional sponsors, due to their style of football.

Asking about the importance of reputation in determining a club's value as a brand, Joe Devine, the presenter of the show, said: "Burnley are against the grain in the way that they play, but people know them for that more than other clubs. It has a character to it."

This, according to Anderson, is in the Turf Moor side's favour. "Any brand that can identify itself to a distinct personality, it lends itself to sponsors," he said. "In Burney's case, they have an identity and there will be particular corporate brands who identify in a similar way and it becomes quite a nice proposition."

Clarets fans at Molineux.

In reply, Tifo Football writer Alex Stewart asked: "Burnley is associated with a certain set of values, a certain region, being the underdog, and being resolute. A stalwart. [Does] that attract its own sponsors and set of fans?"

Declan Ahern answered that indeed it does: "[Burnley] are an underdog, always punching above their weight, and that in itself is attractive to fans and sponsors alike. Brands should be building for the long-term; the stronger and more rooted your brand equity, the more resilient it is to external changes and shocks."