Extended domestic transfer window not necessarily an advantage - Burnley boss Sean Dyche

Sean DycheSean Dyche
Sean Dyche
Sean Dyche admits the domestic transfer window extension, which enables Premier League clubs to deal with their EFL counterparts, isn’t necessarily an advantage.

The international window closes at 11 p.m. on Monday, but after that, a domestic-only window will run from a minute later, 11-01 p.m., to 5 p.m. on October 16th, in which permanent and loan signings can be made, between Premier League and EFL clubs.

Burnley have historically done a lot of their transfer business with Championship clubs, rather than internationally, but Dyche feels the major factor in deals in that domestic window will still be finance.

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The Clarets have so far only been able to bring in keeper Will Norris from Wolves, and midfielder Dale Stephens from Brighton, and Dyche would have liked more players in earlier, wherever they came from: “I think the thing is, we’ve done well with the players we’ve taken from the Championship, but that’s something we’ve had to do.

“It doesn’t mean we won’t do it again, but it’s the timing of events as much as the level you’re buying from.

“Ideally we want our business doing early, so we can have the group together longer.

“Like with Dale the other day, he gets thrown in straight away, partly because of the injuries, but he’ll learn as he goes.

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“Ideally you get that done a month ago, then you get chance to work with the players as they mature into the season.

“That’s the ideal way, but it’s rare we’ve had that chance to get the deals done early.”

While clubs will have an additional 11 days to get deals done, Dyche added: “In theory we can use that (EFL deadline), but they still cost money, unless I’ve got it wrong.

“The Championship don’t just give you their players.

“We’re still going to need some money if we go that way.”