"Everyone is a journalist, everyone has a view. I just know the facts" - Sean Dyche on bizarre postponement conspiracy theories

Sean Dyche has responded to criticism aimed at Burnley after the postponement of Sunday's Premier League game at home to Spurs.

The fixture was called off less than an hour before the scheduled kick-off, after a deluge of snow fell after lunchtime, sparking a spate of bizarre conspiracy theories.

Some of the nonsense doing the rounds on social media included claims the club hadn't turned on the undersoil heating, or it had broken, that the club wanted to get the game postponed in order to field suspended pair James Tarkowski and Ashley Westwood in their next game at Wolves on Wednesday night - which they can't, or the club had 'half a team out' - despite only one senior injury, to Ashley Barnes, who hasn't started a game in over two months.

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Social media was full of meteorologists, football disciplinary experts, physiotherapists and groundsmen on Sunday night, while Dyche's appearance pitchside without a coat went viral.

But Dyche brushed off all that to give the truth of the matter: "We couldn't do anything about it in the end.

"It is good to do these interviews and clear up a few of the other myths that were going around.

"We have got undersoil heating, there were about 40-50 people on the pitch, we all agreed that the safety of the players and the fans, even though that is not our domain, we agreed and talked about that with the referee.

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"This other myth, which made me laugh, was that we were concerned they would have to brush the lines every 15 minutes and that was the reason why we wanted it off. Utter nonsense.

"It was just a common sense view from the referee who gave us his and his team's view about the surface and the conditions and all the complications that could and would have occurred certainly within the next hour and a half.

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"The roads were horrendous around Turf Moor and Burnley, the worst I have seen since I have been there.

"I ended up going half a mile away and then going half a mile back to the ground and spending another hour sitting in the ground so I saw when it finally ended.

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"There was a massive blanket of snow on the pitch.

"The only thing that could have possibly happened would have been a delay of the game, which still would have been about an hour, maybe an hour and a quarter, to then clear all the snow off which might take half an hour so you are looking at an hour and a half delay.

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"And a lot goes into these games with TV, advertising rights, safety of fans, safety of players etc etc

"All of that got approached by the managers, the referee and the people from the Premier League and it was agreed that it was off."

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There was much opinion, as you might imagine, with former Spurs centre back Ramon Vega tweeting: "Are you guys F..... Serious

@BurnleyOfficial is not fair for the travelling fans. I hope all the Spurs travelling fans have a safe return home."

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But Dyche added: “It’s no concern to me what people think - the world’s full of it.

"Everyone is a journalist, everyone has a view. I just know the facts.

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“Everything was considered by all the people involved, whether it was player safety, weather reports, the groundsman’s report - fan safety was key, the roads were all over the place, they were awful - the safety of the players...

“Everything was put into the melting pot, and then the referee spoke to us and said, including some of the details he would have to observe, like player safety, keeping the lines cleared, all of it.

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“It was just a simple agreed situation. Eventually it became a moment in time where everyone agreed.

"Everything was put on to the table and we said ‘can we tick all these boxes? No, we can’t’, so therefore it couldn’t go ahead.

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“It was quite a simple process made bitty by a hundred different stories, including my shirt!

“It’s done, it’s now parked, so we get on with the next one.”

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And Dyche was bemused by the fuss caused by him appearing on the pitch in just a shirt: “I have no clue why my shirt and tie is such a big deal.

"I just had a little look, literally popped my head round, saw the referee on the pitch and thought I’ll walk down and have a quick word, that was it.

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“There wasn’t a design to it, it wasn’t like ‘I’ll show them how tough I am, I don’t mind the cold’. I just merely popped out to ask the ref what his thoughts were at that early stage. That was it.”