Dyche - transfer system needs a rethink

Clarets boss Sean Dyche believes the transfer window needs a rethink.

Friday, 9th September 2016, 7:52 am
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 5:28 pm
Jeff Hendrick
Jeff Hendrick

He feels the chances of reverting to the old system have gone, when you could bring players in throughout the season, right up to the third Thursday in March.

But the new system could be improved, in the timing of when it closes - this season, three games into the Premier League season.

Dyche points to hugely inflated fees as a by-product of the window, as selling clubs hold the cards, and, speaking after the 11th-hour collapse of the deal to land Rennes' Poland international winger Kamil Grosicki, he said: "It’s not frustrating anymore because it’s the reality, it’s the Wild West out there.

“Previously you’d make a bid for a player and clubs would say yes or no, now it goes to 10 other clubs, ‘who fancies this player because we’ve got a bid’. That never used to happen really.

“Now it’s like a for sale sign on a player, they let people know, I’m surprised they don’t do adverts.”

Burnley welcomed record signing Jeff Hendrick to the camp yesterday, eight days after signing, due to international duty, and Dyche feels that also needs looking at: “Weeks into the season there’s this craziness, you get players in who haven’t been moulded into your team, so the pre-season which is designed to get people ready for the start of the season is kind of pointless.

“If you’ve got seven people say coming in in the last week, then you’ve got remould them all, then if they’re internationals they’re away. It doesn’t make sense.

“They’ve got to look at a better version of it. I’m sure there’s enough thoughts on it, mine is just a view, it’s not the view.

“If you got enough people together and got all their thoughts, I think there would be a better way of doing it, whether it’s before the season. It used to be open all year of course until the last few weeks of the season, which we all understood.

“In theory you could sign lots of loan players for that last six or eight games to have a last push and get it over the line. They take that away so eight games can’t win or lose it for you, we get that. It used to be just strengthen when you could, it was common sense.

“Now all that happens is prices go crazy because it’s all last minute. Clubs hold their players until the last minute, bids come in, and then last minute ‘you can have him’.”

Clubs can still bring free agents in, despite the window being closed, and that is a market he will continue to monitor:“You keep your eye on it, there are some who drift and fall through for whatever reason, promises not made etc.

“The world had changed, not that we’re looking in South America, but around Europe, everyone has a tag on who’s doing what, but that softening period after the window, people start popping up - ‘I thought he was with so and so’, so we’ll keep an eye on it.”