Dyche rules out England ambitions - for now

Clarets boss Sean Dyche admits he doesn't feel he would be ready for the England job at this moment in time.

Friday, 30th September 2016, 5:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:46 pm
Sean Dyche

But he would love to have a crack at being in charge of the Three Lions at a later stage in his career.

Dyche is one of only four English managers in the Premier League, along with Eddie Howe, Alan Pardew and Mike Phelan, with Howe and Pardew touted by some for the post vacated by Sam Allardyce this week.

Dyche feels the FA have made a wise decision in handing Under 21 boss Gareth Southgate the reins for the next four games, and said: “With Gareth Southgate, why wouldn’t you at least give him that window. He’s been with the FA, he’s been learning with the FA.

“He’s the most obvious one, he’s been around it, he’s experienced it as a player, with working at the FA and working with a technical director and the under-21s.

"Would I be interested at some point in the future? You’d want to have a go at the England job.

“My CV is not deep enough with the knowledge, I don’t feel, to take it on now. I could, in the sense I’d have a go, but you’d want to be in a position with the experience to achieve anything, not just take on because you can.

“It’s like the saying ‘well it’s there so you’ve got to take it’. On the one hand yeah, but what if you’ve not got the experience to make it work properly?

“It’s not that I wouldn’t want to do it ever, because I would somewhere down the line if it came my way, but I think we’ve got to have the layers in place to make a success of it."

He added: “We all know how tough a job it is. It’s one of the rare jobs you can be successful and still get questioned. You’ve got to be ready for that.

“There are other people out there at the moment who are better placed than me to take on a challenge like that.

“I don’t know how that would work. There were noises before the last appointment would they get someone to sit around it to create a possible succession line.

“Wity Roy (Hodgson), in that four and a bit years, if you are that man sitting around, what happens in your club life?

“Do you get replaced if your club life doesn’t go so well, or do they say ‘well actually it goes beyond club life because we know how difficult that is?’. Or do you get removed and they put someone else in?

“How long is that for? Is it a contractual thing? Do you just turn up and float around and see what goes on?

“It kind of makes sense in one way, that a manager will be around it and in the thought process and has a feel of it if it comes his way.

“But on the other hand while the current manager is taking it forward, if the manager sitting behind him isn’t doing that well at club level, then we all know what the angle would be if that manager then gets appointed.

“In theory, yes, in practicality and in the real world of football, I’m not sure how it would work."