Dyche happy after another seven-point week

Sean Dyche felt it was "another big point" after a goalless draw at Wolves.
Sean DycheSean Dyche
Sean Dyche

A flat game at a muted Molineux saw clear-cut chances at a premium, but the Clarets claimed a fifth clean sheet of the season, as they extended their run of form to one defeat in 13.

Burnley go into the international break third, two points behind leaders Hull City, and Dyche looked back on the game: "I'm never happy with just a point. You want all three, but the way the game panned out, we certainly deserved a point, but probably no more.

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"We had a couple of chances in the first five minutes, one of them is a glorious chance from very good play, and if that goes in, it changes the whole aspect of the game.

"But there was a flatness to the game, the pitch was good on the eye, but the amount of rain they've had made it very sappy, the ball didn't travel quickly, and when it bounced, it didn't have that real power in the bounce.

"I think that affected both teams, it was a bit flat and slow, they built a bit of momentum as the game went on, but Tom's come away without having to make a serious save, which is very pleasing.

"Equally, we didn't test their new keeper when he came on, so we were a little bit disappointed in that.

"Overall, it's another big point, another clean sheet.

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"The Championship is relentless, but to make sure we keep this nice run going, another seven-point week, so it's hard for me to be too critical of the group."

Burnley struggled to get out of first gear after the opening quarter of the game, and Dyche added:

"They started ever so bright, but the team has to be productive, and we weren't anywhere near as productive in the second half as we have been.

"It's hard, week in, week out, to constantly produce, we've done that very well, which is why we are where we are in the table, but I'm not going to over-question the players for 30 minutes where we couldn't really get a foothold to go and create a chance to win the game.

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"In the early part of the game we created two or three, which could have changed the whole feel of the game."

But that defensive framework didn't look like being penetrated at any stage: "The organisation was very good, very pleased with that, the will and demand of the players, fantastic.

"You need that at any level of football, definitely in the Championship.

"We give a lot of credit to the players, because, yet again, they found another way to get another point and a clean sheet - it's still a tough place to come.

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"I know they're having a bit of an up and down time, but I've got a lot of respect for Kenny, what he's done here and in the game, his teams are always up for it, always organised, they needed a result as well, and all that goes into the melting pot.

"We saw on Friday night with Derby, the current form of those two teams, and yet Forest go and win.

"That's how tough the Championship can be, you've got to be on your mettle in so many different ways, in order to get what you want, which is obviously winning all the time."

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