Dyche frustrated by "foul" in Swansea winner

Sean Dyche was frustrated at referee Anthony Taylor's decision to allow Fernando Llorente's injury time winner to stand.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 4th March 2017, 6:07 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:10 am
Sean Dyche
Sean Dyche

That came after admitting his side profited from the official's glaring error to hand Burnley a first half penalty after Sam Vokes handled in the Swansea area.

But Dyche had no problem with reports that Taylor had enjoyed a three-day stag party in Marbella in the week.

Dyche joked: "I have no absolutely no clue, but he's human isn't he? Is there a rule? He's allowed to live his life unless there's a rule that prevents him doing that, a no-Marbella rule?

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"As long as he stayed off the carbs, it's no carbs for Marbs so they say allegedly..."

He felt Llorente's goal should have been chalked off for a shove on Ben Mee though: "I haven't seen the incidents back, but the one at the end is a foul, for how we see of the Premier League where people go down over nothing, to have a hand that big in your back is a definite foul.

"The penalty I've been told is not a penalty, and there's a melee afterwards, nothing seemed to be done about that - surprisingly actually, we all know the rules about surrounding referees."

Dyche accepted his side were not quite their usual selves over the piece: "I must make it clear, I thought they were the better side first half, particularly, we hung in there with our good habits, our good shape, strength and will power.

"Second half we calmed it down a bit, we went 2-1 in front, without us being at the levels we have been lately, particularly at home, but also away, so we would have nicked one.

"We'd have nicked a good point, and you have to do that over a season in any division, and certainly in the Premier League. We'd have took it, so you have to be frustrated for our players, they put a lot in, to not get something when it's a clear foul.

"There was no lack of effort, just a bit of understanding of the tactical plan and how to deliver it. "Normally we do that well, particularly when we play the 4-4-2, we deal with the opposition well tactically, and we didn't do as well first half, second half was better.

"And that little edge of belief you need particularly away from home, we weren't as clear as we have been."

Swansea now have 12 points from their last 16 as they climb away from danger, and Dyche thinks they will be safe: "I always try and call it right, I thought they were a good side, I thought they were before, by the way, the strange thing about players, a change of manager, and they certainly changed because they weren't playing like that, or trying like that, under the last manager - that's the madness of what we do.

"But I'm surprised they are where they are, I look at the money they've spent, the players and experience they've got...I'm really surprised, but that's the madness of football, it sometimes catches teams out.

"Second half we dealt with them better, got our shape better, and calmed the situation, scored a good goal, could have had another very soon after - and I think that would have been it done - and inevitably we come away frustrated scratching our head at a decision unfortunately."