Dyche: Clarets’ reputation ‘not tarnished’ after Mourinho jibes

Sean Dyche feels Burnley’s reputation has not been tarnished, despite a week of media scrutiny.

Chelsea's Diego Costa (centre) and Burnley's David Jones shake hands after match. Photo: Nick Potts/PA Wire.
Chelsea's Diego Costa (centre) and Burnley's David Jones shake hands after match. Photo: Nick Potts/PA Wire.

The Clarets were caught up in a media storm after Ashley Barnes was criticised after an incident with Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic.

Barnes avoided any action at the time, or retrospective punishment, but Matic was banned for three games, reduced to two on appeal.

Dyche spoke on the matter on Monday, and hopes everyone can get on with things as normal again.

Asked if Burnley’s reputation has been tarnished, he said: “I’d imagine not. I would hope not. I think we are joint top or top of the fair play league. I think one of the categories is respect to the opposition, I think we’re top of that, and I think one of the others is respect to the referees and I think we are around the top of that so I don’t see why anyone should over-think what we’re about as a group and a club and myself and my team.


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“I would be surprised if they thought we were operating in any other way than we are just giving everything we can to win football matches to stay in the Premier League.”

And on his and the club’s relationship with Chelsea and Jose Mourinho, he added: “Every manager works on behalf of themselves, their team and their club and every manager has the right to conduct themselves in any way they see fit.

“I have my way of working and I choose my way to deliver messages or to look at situations and look at my team to look at how I play for myself, the players, the fans and the clubs.

“I don’t question anyone. It’s up to them how they operate. I have my style and others have theirs.


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“That’s just the way it is. That’s just the way I’ve been brought up, concentrate on yourself, focus on what you’re doing and how you are conducting yourself.

“I think he (Jose) is a fantastic manager with fantastic players and a fantastic club. That’s what I said straight after the game. These are just flashpoints that can happen in football.”

And Dyche has no concerns about any lasting prejudice following Barnes with the officials: “I have no concern whatsoever. I have had no problem with officials, never have done.

“I have questioned them at times, like many do. I very rarely do but when I have to I do. I think they will deal with it accordingly, the games that is, not Ashley, and be open-minded and get on with refereeing however that game pans out.”