Diego will Costa lot more than Premier League windfall

Clarets boss Sean Dyche feels his players could provide one of the biggest surprises in Premier League history by staying up.

Diego Costa
Diego Costa

Burnley are bookies’ favourites to finish bottom of the Premier League, but Dyche feels the lack of expectation from outside the town could help his players.

Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea are first up at Turf Moor on August 18th, putting the task into perspective, with their summer spending dwarfing what Burnley have spent in their entire history - and will make all season in the promised land!

Dyche said: “Someone told me the other day, the reality of our situation was that Costa and his deal will be worth more than our complete turnover in the first year, and that’s including the Sky money.

“That’s the reality of the division, but as I’ve suggested, we are underdogs, but many times before including last season, we don’t get too worried about that, we just concentrate and focus on what we’re about and look to deliver performances.

“I think we’ll be the biggest underdogs there’s been in the Premier League, that’s seemingly what all the pundits seem to be making out, but the thing with underdogs is you get a lot of people behind you, a spirit, and you bring that into your group.

“And you’ll be surprised how many times underdogs do something special.

“We’re not undermining ourselves, not that others are, they’re just looking at the realities, but we’ve got a confidence in our ability and the way we go about our work and we’ll still be looking to deliver competitive performances in order to get to where we want to be.”