Departures don't signify end of an era at the Turf

The imminent departures of two of Sean Dyche's lieutenants isn't the end of an era, more a sign of the times.

Thursday, 26th April 2018, 11:30 pm
Scott Arfield scores the winner at Blackburn in 2015

Scott Arfield is expected to confirm a summer switch to Rangers, while Dean Marney will also leave Turf Moor at the end of his contract in the summer.

Marney has spent eight years at the club, and Arfield five, both playing a huge role in the best period Burnley have enjoyed since the mid-1970s.

Both had that relentless nature that became a byword for Dyche’s way of playing, and he said of their impending departures: “I think it's just natural progression, players have been here a long time.

“People say you're playing the same team all the time, impossible, you look at who's left – six – Scott, Tom, Voksey, Ben, Deano, Longy.

“With Deano and Scotty, it’s contracts, life changes and age changes, new players come in and the demand changes.

“Scotty wants a new challenge as well. His alignment in his own mind here wasn't been as clear as it has been in the past maybe.

“He's looking and thinking how much am I going to figure? Sometimes it’s them as well. “Contract is up, offer comes in, but we’re respectful of that.

“These are players that have done massive things for the club.”

Will the departure of two key figures diminish the culture Dyche has developed at the club, or is it self-sustaining now within the dressing room, who know the demands?: “You're thinking back to the start point, along that there's others that have joined, they've been here two years and know what it's about.

“You forget about Tarky – he's been here a couple of years, Kevin Long’s been here as long as all of them. He's maturing into a player and a voice and a person around the group to understand what we do.

“Leadership's now changed, it's not one figurehead captain, you want them all to have an understanding around the group.

“How they rub off on each other, this is what we do and this is what we stand for.

“It’s not just the original ones, it layers up from the players that have been here longer.

“Six months you're still working it all out like Azza (Lennon), go back a couple of years they've got the environment, the culture, they know what the group is about,.

“They will be the next people that take it on.”