Deadline Day: Ex-Burnley, Liverpool and Sheffield United aces feature in top 10 most expensive signings made by current EFL Championship teams in the past decade

Football fans no longer seem to bat an eyelid when their team — or a rival — spend tens of millions of pounds on a single player in a bid to be successful.

Throwing eight-figure sums at proven pros, potential superstars or ready-made world beaters seems to have become the norm in today’s game as clubs freely splash the cash in their attempts to win titles and trophies.

The past decade has seen a huge inflation in football signings, and this has never been more evident than during the most recent transfer windows.

With this in mind, Seatpick trawled through Transfermarkt data to determine what is the most expensive signing made by a current EFL Championship team in the past 10 years.

Scroll through our gallery to check out the top 10.

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