Club looking after us physically and mentally - Burnley left back Charlie Taylor

Charlie Taylor admits the coronavirus "waiting game" has led his focus to waver at times, but the Burnley left back appreciates there are far more important things right now than the desire to get back to Premier League action.

Friday, 1st May 2020, 3:45 pm
Charlie Taylor

It is 55 days since Sean Dyche's Clarets secured a 1-1 draw against Tottenham and there remains endless questions as to how, when and if the English top-flight can return amid the Covid-19 crisis.

'Project Restart' is well under way and the Government is backing a potential June resumption, but there is nothing concrete ahead of Friday's Premier League stakeholders' meeting.

For players such as Taylor, it is about keeping their heads down and ploughing on against an uncertain backdrop.

"Obviously you see the news on TV, or you've got the Daily Mail app on your phone or wherever," he told the PA news agency.

"As for the important things, you read a lot of stories in the media and on the news, but I think the most important things you're going to hear from the club, really, about when we're going to be back.

"It's them who are going to know the most, they're going to know more than anyone else.

"So we're just waiting to hear from them, really. There's been no exact date set on training or matches yet, so it's just a waiting game, really.

"Obviously, there's a lot more important things going on in the world at the minute."

Taylor is full of praise for the way Burnley have looked out for the players during the lockdown, keeping tabs on their physical and mental wellbeing of during a challenging time for everyone.

"They've stayed in contact with us throughout the whole thing," the former Leeds full-back said.

"It's obviously hard times, difficult times, really, for everyone and they've offered us support and help through different channels.

"We've got the psychologist Simon (Clarkson) who works at the club and he's been in contact with everyone.

"It's a great club and obviously they're looking after us physically but mentally as well and just as humans."

The way Burnley have reacted in these unprecedented times does not surprise Taylor, given the close-knit staff and squad at Turf Moor.

The players' WhatsApp group is, as usual, ablaze and the club's sport scientists are keeping close tabs on players that Dyche believes are ready for a quick turnaround.

But for all of the guidance, the lack of daily structure naturally brings challenges in terms of focus.

"It's strange, really," Taylor said. "It just feels like it has been forever now. It's probably only been about six weeks, but it just feels like it has been ages.

"It's just about getting routine, really. Just trying to crack on and just try and do stuff, and try fill your day, keep occupied.

"Obviously it was strange at the start, took some getting used to, but now sort of got my head around it.

"We're getting a lot of stuff sent through from the sport science at the club and just trying to stay fit. Then the rest of the day, just trying to fill your time.

"It's been really hard (to keep focused), to be fair, because there's no real objective at the minute.

"There's no timescale, or there's no 'you're going to be back here' and 'you're going to be playing then'.

"It's hard to stay motivated and stay driven because at the minute there's no end goal, there's no date.

"It is hard, but you've just got to stay fit and then just be ready for when called upon and hopefully it's not too far away."

While talks continues about how to proceed with the season, Taylor looks set to next represent Burnley as part of a FIFA20 tournament.