Dyche ready for busy summer

Summer target?: Burnley have been linked with Watford striker Troy Deeney, among others
Summer target?: Burnley have been linked with Watford striker Troy Deeney, among others
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Clarets boss Sean Dyche anticipates his busiest summer as a manager.

Dyche is already looking at bolstering his squad ahead of an assault on the Premier League, and admits the phone has been red-hot following Burnley’s promotion.

He said: “It’s not stopped yet, it’s been constant communication with our own people, the board, chief exec - people forget the board came out and told the truth early season, kept it real, and the chief exec worked hard to tell the fans it could still be positive.

“The board are all supporters, all Burnley people.

“So there is work being done inside the club and outside the club, I’m talking to various people about many different things that effect our club.

“I think I’ll get an hour off before pre-season!

“But seriously, I’ll get a couple of breaks and squeeze in a couple of rounds of golf, there’s usually a cooling off period, usually after the play-offs and through early June before ramping up, but it’s a good busy now, a nice busy.”

However, while he has been linked with a number of players so far, most notably strikers Connor Wickham. Troy Deeney and Dwight Gayle, Dyche smiled: “We’ve been linked with everyone immediately, but I can assure you 99% of the names, there has been no contact, no link.

“Agents play their part, the one thing that is true is we have a small squad, it’s not rocket science, we are going to need to add to that squad, so if there are any names knocking about, people are going to link them to us, just because of our numbers.

“If you went up and had 30 pros, maybe it’s different, they might look at what we’ve got and they’ll think we’ll use them, but we’re not in a position to do that. People know we will definitely be in the market, so we’ll be looking.

“It’s still all about aligning everything. I don’t think we’ll be in a position where we go ‘bang’ and it happens.

“We’re obviously in a better position because we’re in the Premier League, we have finances to use, although not a bottomless pit.

“I don’t imagine we’ll be the biggest spenders in wages or acquisitions.”

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