Dyche excited by World Cup

Rio grande: Sean Dyche is looking forward to Brazil 2014
Rio grande: Sean Dyche is looking forward to Brazil 2014
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Clarets boss Sean Dyche is looking forward to taking in the World Cup - as a fan.

Dyche, like millions worldwide, admits he will be glued to his screen as he takes in some of the greatest teams and players in the world.

But he admits he will also have his managerial head on as he studies players, shapes and systems.

Dyche said: “I’m an England fan, like most. I’m away for a couple of the games so I’ll have my kids there with me and we’ll find a bar or an area.

“Like everyone else I enjoy watching England, I support England, I try not to over-analyse, I just want to enjoy it with my kids and be like a supporter, hopefully without people taking photos and tweeting saying I’m in a bar with some fans! I’m a usual bloke, underneath it all, so I’m allowed to do that without any hassle hopefully.”

He added: “It’s just fantastic to enjoy the top end of our players and worldwide.

“Although football is covered across the globe, obviously I specialise in the market we’re in - now the Premier League - and you’re so zoned in on that it’s hard to know what happening in world football, and the World Cup gives you a great chance to see world football.

“Being an England fan you kind of know, roughly, what your country’s doing so it’s always interesting to see the teams that you can’t see.

“We know a lot about the European teams because a lot of their players play here, and a lot of the countries are shown here. South America less so, so it’s always interesting to see what they’re playing like tactically.

“But I’ve said it a lot, the pitch is roughly the same size, there’s only one ball, the goals are the same size and it’s still 11 v 11. You tend to find that most tactical situations and style of play have been covered.

“It’s the nuances and the detail within the tactical format of teams usually, and of course the individuals.

“If you’ve got Lionel Messi in the team it’s a fair chance that’s going to affect e style of play!”

As for his biggest memories, he said: “Gentile getting Maradona in a bit of a tizz in 1982, Zico and Eder playing for Brazil, Paolo Rossi, things like that. There are so many marvellous World Cup memories.

“It’s hard to pick one. Bryan Robson scoring one of the fastest goals in World Cup history, Kevin Keegan with his curly perm, Gazza with his fake boobs and his big stomach...we’re hoping for good ones this summer of course!”

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