Dyche celebrates anniversary with a win as Clarets go seventh

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Sean Dyche celebrated his fifth anniversary at Turf Moor with another win to climb to seventh place in the Premier League.

Jeff Hendrick’s late strike saw off Newcastle United, in a tight game of few chances, but Dyche felt his side edged proceedings.

Sean Dyche

Sean Dyche

He said: “I thought it would be a tight game, they’re very organised under Rafa, they’ve not been giving much away, we thought they would be defensive with a set up that keeps them in the game, and it was how long we have to wait to break that down, and how hard we have to work.

“We had to work very hard and mix our play again to try and find a way to open them up.

“They are a good side and deserve to be where they are, and so do we, obviously, but I don't take anything for granted with them because they’re a good side.”

Dyche added: “I think we edged it, there was a calmness to our play, which I enjoyed. We’ve found that a bit more this season, with the ball.

“Away is tougher, but at home we've found calmness, then you have to find a balance of staying calm and playing while still being productive against organised sides., so that’s difficult.

“So I was really pleased with way they stuck at it and kept going, kept trying to find ways to effect it, and we did with a very good goal, good play in the first instance, Jeff rolls it through someone’s legs, nearly gets Barnesy in, they get half a clearance, but our pressing was fantastic, we get a nibble, then we're straight back into them, Corky continues his run, a great save, a fine cross from Johann, and a calm finish from Jeff.

“You need moments like that in a game where you can disorganise a back four, it’s very difficult when a team stays resolute as they do, work from their shape and I was really pleased with that.”

It was Burnley’s seventh 1-0 win since the start of last season - only West Ham with eight have more, so was it a typical Dyche win?: “It can be. The Premier League is a difficult place to be.

“You have to get wins however you can. We’ve had wins where we’ve had to work tremendously hard, when you’re us, you can’t just go out and play fantastic every week, you have to fight for a win, get a set piece for a win, sometimes you have to play really well - you have to do all of those things.

“It's hard to find one way when you have pure technical, talent everywhere in your team, and we’re still earning the right somewhat. We’re learning.”