Clarets boss backs Rooney

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Sean Dyche feels criticism of Wayne Rooney will only serve to prevent players interacting with the public in future.

Rooney has come under fire after being pictured looking worse for wear at a wedding in the early hours of Sunday, having been given time off by Gareth Southgate after the 3-0 win over Scotland on Friday night.

Wayne Rooney shoots on goal during the recent 0-0 draw at Old Trafford

Wayne Rooney shoots on goal during the recent 0-0 draw at Old Trafford

England had a further friendly with Spain on Tuesday, but Rooney was sent back to Manchester United with an injury.

In an era where players are often painted as aloof, and their relationship with supporters far removed from what it was, Dyche feels there has been a lot made of the issue: "I’m not here to give opinions on the FA.

"I find it a strange one. He wasn’t going to play anyway.

"Back in the day that would’ve been well received, that a player had gone in and sat with “normal” people who are having a wedding. Say hello and have pictures with them.

"I haven’t heard the story from the family whose wedding it was - I’d be interested in that because "I’d be amazed if they didn’t say it was fantastic he agreed to come in. I don’t know, I might have that wrong."

He added: "You’re heavily questioned and bombarded by that moment. The twist in the tale that people say these players are untouchable, they won’t talk, they can’t get an autograph.

"So where does that live? He lets his guard down and I can only presume he conducts himself in the appropriate manner. I can only assume the family were amazed and he gets smashed to bits for it.

"I’m not sure what the balance is. What I would say is that fans maybe after this now understand why players pull away from situations and keep themselves to themselves.

"They’re not trying to be ignorant, but fearful of someone making a big story out of what used to be quite normal."

And he joked: "If anyone wants to buy me a pint when I’m out they’re more than welcome!"